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How can Google+ outbox Facebook..?

            It's been a fascinating year in the social networking
space,  as heavy weight champion Facebook  fends off some  solid
blows from muscley contender Google Plus.This has been my number 
one problem with Google Plus so far : the large amount of effort 
it takes up front to create circles of people (e.g.friends lists)
and then the ongoing hassle of maintaining them.
            Facebook showed the way forward for Google Plus, by 
launching improved - and semi-automated - friends lists last week.
Facebook now automatically creates lists  based on your location ,
workplace and a couple more bits of information from your profile.
While any public content on Google+ can be searched using ordinary
Google search,any private post or data about Circles is hidden from
            Twitter has a notoriously short memory, while Facebook
has been happy to make its users ' live in the moment. ' A decent 
Google + search will make Facebook reassess that , because suddenly
Google Plus would become kind of a memory bank for its users. The  
success of Ever note - a note-taking app which markets itself as an
"online brain"- is an indicator that  social networks need a longer
memory.  It's common knowledge that Google Plus is working on imple-
-menting pages for brands, which will be similar to Facebook Pages. 
I'd like to see these pages be more easily surfaced and organized 
in Google+ than they are with Facebook. I often find myself 'liking'
a brand page on Facebook ,then never coming across it again because 
it's hidden away.  
         What else do you think Google Plus should do in order to 
keep the pressure on Facebook ? And by the way , this 'battle' is 
great news for us consumers - as it  forces both companies to give 
us what  we're clamoring for. And we won't  mind if a bit of bigco 
blood gets spilled in the process.
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