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how many more Afreen will stop female infanticide

Why there is Gender discrimination? We want always get affection from mother and inspiration from wife. In our life but why we can’t nourish a daughter? Are they curse or boon to society? Ask these questions to yourselves. Think If u are killed in the womb before having a birth to watch this male-prominent society or if u luckily get a chance , you will surely battered and physically abused like ‘Neha Afreen’ , a three-month old innocent baby who does not know anything in this world except the affection of mother  ,Ms. Reshma. But also have suffered from multiple bites and burning due to cigarette on a skin soft like bud .she was admitted in the hospital when she has brain / cerebral hemorrhage. She cannot struggle against society with narrow-minded people. Finally she left us ,this world but his last breath was asking question what was her guilt ? Why girls are not treated as god-daughter? You will quiver with the fact that the culprit of that angel is his own father. Father of Afreen has made a disgraceful to humanity.

For the proper functioning of society we there should be equal contribution of male and female because they are wheels of our world    and equally loaded with the weight of responsibility and equal right of freedom. Today we see in every field women are coming ahead and working more efficiently than men proving their capability .But mostly they are lacking for support and they have not given right to equality. Why we are snatching this fundamental right from them .This right is broken when they are not given right to birth , right to education ,physically abusing ,eve teasing and rapes. We are daily facing such crimes happening in society but we are not taking firm step against it . 2-3 weaks ago Falak ,two year old baby died in  AIIMS Trauma Centre ;she was also physically abused. Untill Afreen , Falak and more who are not in light  are in our society ,we are leading to a horrible world without women or a world in which men has dictatorship . Women’s right to freedom is ending, Men’s dictatorship is becoming prominent.

Now It’s our turn to decide where we want to move our era towards heaven or hell .if you want to make this world heaven, women should have the same rights and opportunities as men   i.e. feminism should be followed.

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