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how many more Afreen will stop female infanticide

Why there is Gender discrimination? We want always get affection from mother and inspiration from wife. In our life but why we can’t nourish a daughter? Are they curse or boon to society? Ask these questions to yourselves. Think If u are killed in the womb before having a birth to watch this male-prominent society or if u luckily get a chance , you will surely battered and physically abused like ‘Neha Afreen’ , a three-month old innocent baby who does not know anything in this world except the affection of mother  ,Ms. Reshma. But also have suffered from multiple bites and burning due to cigarette on a skin soft like bud .she was admitted in the hospital when she has brain / cerebral hemorrhage. She cannot struggle against society with narrow-minded people. Finally she left us ,this world but his last breath was asking question what was her guilt ? Why girls are not treated as god-daughter? You will quiver with the fact that the culprit of that angel is his own father. Father of Afreen has made a disgraceful to humanity.

For the proper functioning of society we there should be equal contribution of male and female because they are wheels of our world    and equally loaded with the weight of responsibility and equal right of freedom. Today we see in every field women are coming ahead and working more efficiently than men proving their capability .But mostly they are lacking for support and they have not given right to equality. Why we are snatching this fundamental right from them .This right is broken when they are not given right to birth , right to education ,physically abusing ,eve teasing and rapes. We are daily facing such crimes happening in society but we are not taking firm step against it . 2-3 weaks ago Falak ,two year old baby died in  AIIMS Trauma Centre ;she was also physically abused. Untill Afreen , Falak and more who are not in light  are in our society ,we are leading to a horrible world without women or a world in which men has dictatorship . Women’s right to freedom is ending, Men’s dictatorship is becoming prominent.

Now It’s our turn to decide where we want to move our era towards heaven or hell .if you want to make this world heaven, women should have the same rights and opportunities as men   i.e. feminism should be followed.

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An eye for an eye will make the world blind……………………………………..

 An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind — Mahatma Gandhi

History can attest to the fact that most human conflicts have been as a result of a stubborn approach by our leaders. Our history would turn out for the better if our leaders could just learn that most disputes can be resolved by showing a willingness to understand the issues of our opponents and by using diplomacy and compassion.

No matter where we live, what religion we practice or what culture we cultivate, at the heart of everything, we are all humans. We all have the same ambitions and aspirations to raise our family and to live life to its fullest. Our cultural, religious and political differences should not provide the backbone to invoke conflicts that can only bring sorrow and destruction to our world.

Under the right conditions, such as the ability for all actors to participate in an iterative fashion, the “eye for an eye” punishment system has a mathematical basis in the tit for tat game theory strategy.

The simplest example is the “eye for an eye” principle. In that case, the rule was that punishment must be exactly equal to the crime. Conversely, the twelve tables of Rome merely prescribed particular penalties for particular crimes. The Anglo-Saxon legal code substituted payment  for direct retribution: a particular person’s life had a fixed value, derived from his social position; any homicide was compensated by paying the appropriate wergild, regardless of intent. Under the British Common Law, successful plaintiffs were entitled to repayment equal to their loss (in monetary terms). In the modern law system, this has been extended to translate non-economic losses into money as well. The meaning of the principle Eye for an Eye is that a person who has been injured by another person returns the offending action to the originator in compensation, or that an authority does so on behalf of the injured person. The exact Latin (lex talionis) to English translation of this phrase is actually “The law of retaliation.” At the root of this principle is that one of the purposes of the law is to provide equitable retribution for an offended party

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If the matrix was real………….?

Could someone or something switch us off? Could it possibly be true that our world is just a computer program, or a hologram, or a dream? Although it’s about the weirdest thing you could think of, there are some tantalizing clues this might indeed be the case. The stuff we call ‘reality’ simply isn’t very real after all.

Welcome to the outskirts of reality. Welcome to the place where theoretical physics and philosophy meet, and where religion and science loose their meaning. Better fasten your mental seat belts. What we’re about to tell you is just too weird. Too mind-boggling. And quite disturbing, really.

Perhaps the simulation is getting boring, and the guy running the program is about to switch it off. We’d see some kind of huge ‘game over’-sign, and that would be it. One moment, we’re here. And the next – we aren’t.

If you’re easily disturbed, or prone to paranoia, better stop reading now. You may not like the answers to questions like these. What you are about to read may change the way you see things — forever.

Why is the Universe Fine-Tuned?

First, there’s a very, VERY peculiar thing about the place we live in – something so weird and profound it sends shivers down your spine. For in fact, the Universe seems to be ‘fine-tuned’ to make life possible!

That leaves us with a gnawing, unsettling question: Why? Why are all  physical constants exactly the way they are? Every cosmologist agrees that this can hardly be a coincidence. So what, or who, set the rules?

Matter: Chunks Of Music?

Next, you should know the stuff our Universe is made of isn’t very real at all. Sure, you can feel the chair underneath you, and see the monitor in front of you. But what we feel and touch and see in everyday life is actually a manifestation of some deeper, completely different kind of underlying reality.

But still, a particle has to be something, right?

The Universe: Bubbles Of What?  
Okay, hold that thought: matter is ultimately the manifestation of something else.

Gladly, there are also things that are normal. Take the Universe. Again, it is something we think we know. The Universe is that big black thing with all the lights in it over your head. Perhaps you’ve even heard it’s expanding: first, there was a kind of blast (called the ‘Big Bang’), and from that moment on, the Universe grew bigger and bigger.

OK, let’s pause for a second. Just think about it. Is it possible that our reality is actually made by some other civilization, in some other Universe? It would explain why the fundamental constants are fine-tuned…

And You? How Real Is Your Mind?

So, to wrap things up: we live in a place that’s not really a ‘place’, we’re made of stuff that’s not really ‘stuff’ and what we see is only a small part of what’s really there. Matter, time, dimensions, the Universe – it’s all lucid, unreal. And to make things even more bizarre, for some reason, our Universe is exactly preset to make our existence possible. Pretty confusing, don’t you think?

Gladly, you can cling to this one security: that you are here. No matter how weird the stuff around you is, you are definitely for real. No need to explain: you just know you are.

The same happens when you look in the mirror. Stare at your own face long enough, and you’ll suddenly realize it’s just another face. The face in the mirror is, of course, yours. But after a while, it won’t feel like that anymore. The face you see could be anybody’s.

Of course, most people believe there is something like a ‘soul’ or a ‘spirit’ living inside of you. But when it comes down to facts, there just isn’t any evidence for that. Every thought you have, every move you make, every emotion you feel – it’s just brain, brain, brain.
So… Are We A Game Of Sims?

So there you are. You’re just a walking piece of matter that’s pretending to be someone. But in reality, things like matter, or self, or the Universe, or time, or dimensions are all illusions. Everything we see and everything we feel are, in fact, the manifestations of some underlying reality.

That leaves you with an unsettling question: what exactly is that reality?

The truth is: we don’t know. Could be almost anything, really. A dream, even. Or a simulation. Or a kind of computer game, an advanced kind of Civilization or Sims. There’s no way of knowing if there’s someone or something pushing the buttons. There’s no way of knowing if there isn’t, either.

But then again, why bother? For that’s the deeper consequence of these things. If there is no such thing as a place we call Earth, we needn’t really worry about its end. Would the characters of a Sims-game feel sad or disappointed when you turned off the computer? Or would the people you dream of at night mind if you wake up? You guessed it: they probably wouldn’t. What isn’t really there, doesn’t really end.

That being said, there’s only one small problem. You see: you have to be a good philosopher to really feel it that way

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How can Google+ outbox Facebook..?

            It's been a fascinating year in the social networking
space,  as heavy weight champion Facebook  fends off some  solid
blows from muscley contender Google Plus.This has been my number 
one problem with Google Plus so far : the large amount of effort 
it takes up front to create circles of people (e.g.friends lists)
and then the ongoing hassle of maintaining them.
            Facebook showed the way forward for Google Plus, by 
launching improved - and semi-automated - friends lists last week.
Facebook now automatically creates lists  based on your location ,
workplace and a couple more bits of information from your profile.
While any public content on Google+ can be searched using ordinary
Google search,any private post or data about Circles is hidden from
            Twitter has a notoriously short memory, while Facebook
has been happy to make its users ' live in the moment. ' A decent 
Google + search will make Facebook reassess that , because suddenly
Google Plus would become kind of a memory bank for its users. The  
success of Ever note - a note-taking app which markets itself as an
"online brain"- is an indicator that  social networks need a longer
memory.  It's common knowledge that Google Plus is working on imple-
-menting pages for brands, which will be similar to Facebook Pages. 
I'd like to see these pages be more easily surfaced and organized 
in Google+ than they are with Facebook. I often find myself 'liking'
a brand page on Facebook ,then never coming across it again because 
it's hidden away.  
         What else do you think Google Plus should do in order to 
keep the pressure on Facebook ? And by the way , this 'battle' is 
great news for us consumers - as it  forces both companies to give 
us what  we're clamoring for. And we won't  mind if a bit of bigco 
blood gets spilled in the process.
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